"Because we are saturated with life, because we are human, our strongest motive is life, humanity. Pictures that do not represent an intense interest cannot expect to create an intense interest"

-Robert Henri

Viewers of my work may not know the people or subjects in my paintings personally, but they do know them, because they are the people, and scenes we see each day as we live our lives. I want my paintings to strike a feeling of familiarity with the viewer, to slow down our fast paced lives, and capture moments that we connect with. My paintings are really just reflections of ourselves, and the places, and people that we experience, as we go about our daily lives. Acrylic on canvas & pastel on paper are the perfect mediums for me to express my vision, focusing on the effects of light and shadow, and bold use of color, with all of my subjects. I have always been naive enough to believe that if I create images of great interest to me , that they will be of interest to others as well.